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Marcel Wijnen


Tekeningen, schilderijen


Marcel Wijnen (Leiden, 1962)


After the usual childhood tendencies towards drawing I started out at the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague from 1981 to 1983, only to leave both a little inspired as well as disappointed.

Inspired, as it gave me a taste of a more professional approach to my drawing and my first experiences with paints. Disappointed, because I expected to be taught a craft, be taught how to paint in a traditional way.

Instead, with the exception of two fine teachers, it was all about “originality”, flatness, emptiness (as I felt it). They stood empty-handed themselves. I left.


My next step was to go on a search for traditional methods and people who mastered those. I experimented vigorously with painting systems I’d read about and with what welled up from inside of me. I explored tempera, oils, combinations of them with all possible components.

I started making my own paints and grounds, and have never stopped doing that untill this day.


Occasionally I studied for a (sometimes very) short while with a professional painter. Short enough to not be influenced too much but long enough to have my moments of insight and find myself able to carry on on my own again.


There have been some interruptions in my production. Sometimes due to personal matters, sometimes because I’m creative in other disciplines as well.


Now, in 2014, it’s back to painting again without distractions. Please stay tuned.. Updates will be added frequently.