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Marcel Wijnen


Tekeningen, schilderijen

Technique- Materials

The surface


MDF (medium density fiberboard)-panels of about 0.04 in thick. However, I intend to switch to a stronger surface soon.



The primer


After a first layer of animal glue (“skin” glue) two to three more are applied, but this time with chalk added.

After the glue/chalk has dried finally one or two layers of lead white-oil ground to prevent too much absorption from the chalk. The lead works as an insulator.

The back and sides of the panel are also treated, to prevent the panel from warping and to protect it against any external influences.



The palette


Main colors:


Raw Siena, umber, green umber, yellow ochre, brown ochre, red ochre, lead white, lead-tin yellow,

madder lake, cobalt blue.




Burnt Siena, Kassel earth, burnt umber, burnt yellow ochre, cerulean blue, vermillion, stil de grain jaune, olive green, viridian, cadmium yellow.



Paint/binders and mediums




Tube paint from Oudt Hollandsche and Rublev.

I enrich these in subsequent layers with:


Organic linseed oil that I’ve purified at least six times with clean water, an old method;

Venetian turpentine (balm).

I add some pigment in order to prevent the paint from becoming too thin.


Sometimes I use a completely self made paint.





Liquin (alkyd resin).


I'm still searching for a medium based on beforementioned purified linseed oil, but then thickened, and the Venetian turpentine balm.





Hog, cattle/oxen hair, synthetic. Round, filbert and riggers/liners.








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